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Tartufo & Tartufi

Our Antica Torroneria Piemontese and Virginia Tartufo products

The delicious chocolates from Italy are the purest "sweet sin". Noble raw materials make these truffle chocolates so precious. Thanks to our favorable prices, you can find the variety of chocolates, which suits you best. Finest chocolate from the best ingredients and aromatic hazelnuts, pistachios and many more meet every taste. You and your guests will be delighted. For simple delicacies and invite your visitors to try them out and give away. Antica Torroneria Piemontese has been a leader in its field for almost sixty years, thus perfecting almost all tastes. Give it a try and taste these delicious truffles.

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Antica Torroneria Tartufini Mix 140g
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Antica Tartufini Mix
140g | 12.2024
10.50€ 8.93€
(63.75€ / 1 kg)

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Article No. 4307
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Torroneria Piemontese

Since 1885 Giuseppe Sebaste began to create excellent desserts inspired by one of the most precious values of his territory: the IGP hazelnut from Piedmont. His family, now in the fifth generation, carries on Giuseppe's dream: the passion for an ancient trade, the love for its origins and places, the valorisation of the fruits of the territory.

In this company, respect for tradition and the search for innovation coexist every day. In the Antica Torroneria Piemontese all the craftsmen are constantly evolving. Many of the production staff have more than twenty years of experience, and from them the new generations inherit the experience and pride of their work. The expert eye of the laboratory technicians can never be replaced by a machine, so the machines used in production have been designed, engineered, patented and built specifically for working in a large confectionery shop.

Antica Torroneria Piemontese is absolutely not concerned with speed and savings during the production process, but continuously strives for the best end result, applying the right times and temperatures during processing to achieve the excellent quality of the products and the maintenance of the natural flavors and fragrances.


In the Antica Torroneria Piemontese men, machines and rhythms adapt to the different products, never the opposite. It has always been like this: slow times for a work of art.

The preparation time of the torrone depends on the seasons and the characteristics of the raw materials. Everything is still done the way it used to be, with a manual water bath process, slow cooking and patient waiting under the watchful eyes of the confectioners.

The production of amalgam is also fundamental for Tartufi Dolci. The dough is left to rest for a whole night before processing is continued. The Tartufi Dolci are individually shaped and cut. All products are the result of a combination of old recipes and creative flair. Every year new products are added to the range. They are a combination of intuition with special flavours, which are turned into reality here at Antica.

Raw materials (ingredients)

Thanks to the experience of the four previous generations, the raw materials are still selected with the greatest care today. These are high-quality ingredients which aim to use natural products without additives. No preservatives are added in the torrone and in the Tartufi Dolci.

Fragrant honey, refined sugar, pure chocolate with at least 50% cocoa content enhance the unique taste of IGP Piedmontese hazelnuts. The products used here are the result of a 0 km supply chain. The hazelnuts are purchased locally with the shell from farmers with whom the company negotiates directly. They are shelled, selected and finally roasted in small quantities with the traditional hot air system, only if they are to be used in the dough.

The good quality of the raw materials and the knowledge of the processing lead to these excellent products with an unmistakable taste.


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