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Sets of Nespresso compatible capsules

Our Nespresso® pods & capsules sample packs

Are you asking yourself: "Where to buy Nespresso pods?". We have the Answer. Here at Espresso-International you can busy Nespresso® Pods in sample packs. Because most of the time, you love using your Nespresso® Pod machine but you hate the coffee that came with it? Problem solved here! Get our capsules sample set for Nespresso® systems with high-quality, selected coffee capsules and discover the aromas of different premium coffee roasters. With our Espresso Nespresso® Capsules Starter Packs, you can try to taste which capsule you like best. Try our mix starter pack with 2 capsules each. With this coffee assortment set you can test 8 different premium Italian coffee roasters and varieties. Find your favorite coffee in this easy way.

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Musetto Single Origin Mix Reviews with
Musetti Single Origin Nespresso®*-compatible capsules
10 pieces | Capsule | 01.2025
(64.29€ / 1 kg)

3-5 Workdays Article No. 10256

Article No. 10256
Coffee Sampler Nespresso®* compatible capsules 16pods Reviews with
Coffee Sampler Nespresso®* compatible capsules 16pods
(71.25€ / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 10655

Article No. 10655