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Caffe New York capsules

Our Caffe New York Nespresso® * compatible capsules

The amazing variety of coffee cultivation areas around the world is reflected in these frenetic and exquisite mixtures of Java, Cuba, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Colombia, Cameroon, India, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The Caffe New York Espresso is named after the Café in the famous Spa town of Montecatini Terme. It was in the early 1930s when Mr. Ugo Incerpi, owner of the Bar New York, bought his first coffee roasting machine for his elegant guests, who came to the Tuscan thermal resort of Pistoia for recreation and bathing, being able to offer an extraordinary product. His coffee was so popular that the word spread and on Sunday even guests from Florence arrived to enjoy the coffee of "Sor Ugo".
This famous and excellent coffee is now also available as Nespresso® capsules. Needless to say, that this coffee delivers an incomparable experience. Caffe New York Nespresso® capsules serves exceptional intensity. It is full-bodied and rich in roasted notes. A must try for everybody with a Nespresso® machine.

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