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Latte Macchiato Glasses

Our branded Latte Glasses

To make the very most of your coffee have a look at our specially designed branded latte glasses. Whether you love our Caramel Latte Macchiato or a Chai Latte is more your style enjoy your favourite drink in one of our striking latte glasses. What make our latte drinks so special? It's the beautiful layers of coffee, milk and crema which is why that they should shown off to their very best. Our stylish latte glasses are perfect for doing just that. The clear glass takes your coffee from delicious drink to a coffee creation that’s truly a work of art. Whether you’re or enjoying a latte after dinner with friends or unwinding after a long day, bring the coffee shop experience home with these lovely latte glasses. 

Latte Glasses
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Caffe New York Latte Macchiato Glass

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Article No. 2134
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