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Danesi capsules

Our Danesi Nespresso® compatible capsules

Danesi Caffè represents pure espresso tradition. Alfredo Danesi, born in Rome in 1905 was among the pioneers of spreading the italian coffee culture, opening his first coffee shop ‘Nencini e Danesi’. Nowadays Danesi also produces Nespresso® capsules to allow the choice to experience a mellow and delicious cup of espresso, loaded with balanced taste and flavor. Genuine and elegant, their coffee is a true reflection of Danesi's quest in gathering round body, rich flavor and sweet taste. The different blends represent perfect and harmonious combinations of Arabica Coffees from Central and South America, individually examined to lend the product an overwhelming smoothness, sweetness, fine aroma and intense flavour. A classic coffee with a rich fragrance, full body and low acidity. Perfect if you want to try something different. Order your first pack of Danesi Nespresso® capsules today.

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