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The Nannini Pasticcerie innovate in the world the tradition of Sienese sweets (cantucci, ricciarelli, panforte, gingerbread etc.) and quality coffee in Siena. Nannini coffee shops, which have become one of the best-known symbols of Siena, are also the ideal venues both for tourists and residents to enjoy food specialties at coffee breaks, brunches or aperitifs. Known for their famous coffee they also offer the matching coffee tableware. Made of porcelain in the classic form. A very suitable buy for the true Nannini Lover.

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Nannini Espresso Tasse Gruen Reviews with
Nannini Espressotasse Grün

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2912

Article No. 2912
Nannini Espressotasse, asymetrisch Reviews with
Nannini Espressocup, asymmetrical

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2308

Article No. 2308
Nannini Espressotasse Blau Reviews with
Nannini Espressotasse Blau
(6.90€ / 1 pc.)

Unavailable Article No. 2914

Article No. 2914
Nannini Espressotasse Gelb Reviews with
Nannini Espressotasse Gelb
(6.90€ / 1 pc.)

Unavailable Article No. 2913

Article No. 2913
Cappuccino Tasse Gelb Nannini Kaffee Reviews with
Nannini Cappuccinotasse Gelb

Unavailable Article No. 2917

Article No. 2917
Nannini Cappuccino Tasse Blau Reviews with
Nannini Cappuccinotasse Blau

Unavailable Article No. 2918

Article No. 2918
Cappuccinotasse Rot Nannini Kaffee Reviews with
Nannini Cappuccinotasse Rot

Unavailable Article No. 2919

Article No. 2919
Nannini Kaffee Cappuccinotasse Gruen Reviews with
Nannini Cappuccinotasse Grün

Unavailable Article No. 2916

Article No. 2916
Nannini Espresso Tasse Rot Reviews with
Nannini Espressotasse Rot

Unavailable Article No. 2915

Article No. 2915
Nannini Espresso Cup Black and White Reviews with
Nannini Espresso Cup Black and White

Unavailable Article No. 2308b

Article No. 2308b
Nannini Espressocup asymmetric black Reviews with
Nannini Espressocup asymmetric black

Unavailable Article No. 2308a

Article No. 2308a
Nannini Cappuccinotass aus Glas Reviews with
Nannini Cappuccino - glass cup

Unavailable Article No. 2524

Article No. 2524