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Milk jugs

Our Milk Frothing Jugs

Achieve perfectly frothed milk with any of our traditional pump espresso or fully automatic machines. Perfect for preparing coffee such as latte, cappuccino. Froth or steam milk for lattes and cappuccinos; serve milk or cream. Our Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitchers are the perfect size for quickly steaming milk for single latte or cappuccino drinks. Also perfect for water, juices, batter mixes, smoothie and other pourable item whether hot or cold. Suitable for all milk types. Finished in a luxurious brushed stainless steel, this little jug is the perfect accessory to use when steaming or frothing milk because you can feel the temperature on the underside of the jug whilst frothing.

Stainless steel milk pitchers
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Bialetti Milschaufschäumer Reviews with
Tuttocream milk frother (6 cups) - Bialetti
34.90€ 31.90€
(31.90€ / 1 pc.)

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2836

Article No. 2836
Milk Jug Europa (Matte Black) – Motta Reviews with
Milk Jug Europa (Matte Black) – Motta
(24.50€ / 1 pc.)

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2958

Article No. 2958
White milk jug 75cl - Motta Reviews with
White milk jug 75cl - Motta
(27.90€ / 1 pc.)

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2642

Article No. 2642
Motta Milchkanne 500ml - Milchaufschäumer Reviews with
Motta - Foaming Cup Europa 0,5 Liter
24.90€ 21.90€

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2440

Article No. 2440
Motta Milchkanne 375ml (Milchaufschäumer) Reviews with
Motta - Foam Cup Europa 0,35 Liter

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2504

Article No. 2504
Latte Art tool Reviews with
Latte Art Tool Set for Milk Foam

3-5 Workdays Article No. 9045

Article No. 9045
Motta Milchkanne 750ml Reviews with
Motta - Foam Cup Europa 0,75 Liter

3-5 Workdays Article No. 2425

Article No. 2425
JoeFrex Thermometer Reviews with
JoeFrex Thermometer

3-5 Workdays Article No. 9040

Article No. 9040
Milk jug (50cl) Europa Carbon - Motta Reviews with
Milk jug (50cl) Europa Carbon - Motta
(42.90€ / 1 pc.)

Unavailable Article No. 2633

Article No. 2633
White milk jug 50cl - Motta Reviews with
White milk jug 50cl - Motta
(25.90€ / 1 pc.)

Unavailable Article No. 2641

Article No. 2641
Aufbrühkanne von ConceptArt aus Kupfer Reviews with
Drip Kettle Copper with Cover for brewed coffee 600ml

Unavailable Article No. 9082

Article No. 9082
Motta Milchkanne 1000ml Reviews with
Motta - Foam Cuo Europa 1 Liter

Unavailable Article No. 2424

Article No. 2424

Mit unseren manuellen Milchschäumern können Sie zuhause perfekten Milchschaum herstellen. Wir führen verschiedene Aufschäumbecher von Herstellern wie Concept Art und Motta. Bei uns im Shop werden sie fündig.