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Caffe New York

Caffe New York Coffee / Espresso cups

Featuring New York Bar designs with modern spirit, the Caffe New York coffee set celebrates the art of setting a table with a touch of nostalgia. Caffe New York Espresso is worldwide appreciated, but actually it does not come from New York! Its name is rather the Bar New York in the beautiful spa town of Montecatini Terme. Ugo Incerpie roasted his own coffee mixture for his demanding guests in the early 1930s. To this day, Caffe New York is one of the gourmet espresso coffees among coffee experts. Always in style, Caffe New York cups add a classic element to your table, whether used on its own or mixed with your favorite espresso pots. Order espresso accessories from Caffe New York. From espresso pots to cappuccino cups to tablets, we offer a wide choice.

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