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Ground filter coffee tasting kit

| 750g | Ground
Probierset Filterkaffee

Tasting set filter coffee
ground, 3 varieties with 250 g each

Mamis Caffè Filter Coffee
Sant Eustachio filter coffee
Speicherstadt coffee "low tide & high tide"

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Ground filter coffee selection the set contains 3 varieties of 250g each   Mamis... more

Ground filter coffee selection

the set contains 3 varieties of 250g each


Mamis Caffè Filter Coffee

Perfect for hand infusion and filter machine

The Mamis Caffè filter coffee is ideal for a long coffee. It pampers coffee lovers with an aromatic smooth flavour and fruity notes. The light roast comes with a full body and is all in all very well-balanced. The caffeine content is in the middle range.

Definitely worth a temptation!


Sant Eustachio Filter Coffee

Anyone who knows Sant Eustachio knows that they are one of the best roasting plants in Italy. From the very beginning, only the finest beans were allowed to be used in all subsequent production processes. This is also the case with the beans for their filter coffee. For Sant'Eustachio coffee, only the finest Arabica beans are roasted. The caffeine content is correspondingly low. The gently roasted beans are then ground medium too coarsely. The filter coffee is a complete pleasure at any time of day.

This grinding is especially suitable for preparation in the filter machine or the French Press.


Speicherstadt organic coffee blend ebb & flow

At the end you will receive a 100% organic Arabica coffee that surprises with notes of jasmine and bergamot. The acidity gives the blend a pleasant freshness and liveliness. Perceptible fruity notes of red currant round off the taste.

The green coffees used for this coffee are washed Arabicas from Central and South America. They are roasted according to type and then blended to form this well-balanced coffee blend. Thanks to the particularly gentle drum roasting process, it is possible for Speicherstadt Kaffee to retain the natural and full-bodied taste of the beans and thus guarantee an unforgettable pleasure experience.

This grinding is perfectly suited for preparation in the filter machine, French Press or hand infusion.

DE-ÖKO-039 Non EU Agriculture


In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to replace one type with an equivalent espresso in a tasting set.


Type / Nature: Ground
Coffee maker / Machine : French Press
Package Size: 750g Reviews with

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