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Mamis Caffe pods

Mamis Caffe pods

Mamis Caffe pods

Our Mamis Caffe E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) espresso pods

For some of us, coffee is no longer just a stimulant, but a basic need. Taste and quality are substantial characteristics for good coffee. Our ESE pads from Mamis coffee. The interplay of tradition and future-oriented work makes Mamis Caffe so unique in taste. All varieties have their personal ideal degree of roasting, which is responsible for the characteristic flavor. Try the ESE pads. You will be convinced. How does this sound to you? Sweet taste, generous body, aftertaste of chocolate, medium thick cream and excellent aroma characterize this blend sought after by connoisseurs and coffee lovers. Or... Ideal blend for bars and cafés wanting to stand out from the crowd, offering the quality of an all Italian coffee character. Or maybe...A blend created with the best selections of coffee from India and South America.The stronger taste and the thick cream create a perfect balance between sweetness and aroma. Or perhaps....Fine Arabica beans from South America and the tiny note of creamy Robusta beans give to this pleasant blend a medium body and a light and thick cream, creating a perfect balance between sweetness and aroma. That's what is waiting in the ESE pads of Mamis Caffe. Great coffee at the push of a button.

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  1. Mami's Caffe ESE pods Espresso Crema

    Mami's Caffe ESE pods Espresso Crema, 150 pods, 7g each = 1050g, individually packed
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