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Alps Coffee Decaffeinated Bio Espresso

| 250g | Ground
Schreyögg Bio Fairtrade Espresso gemahlen
Chocolaty, Floral & Mild

90% Arabica / 10% Robusta, 250g ground

(29.20€ / 1 kg)
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03.2023 09.2024

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Alps Coffee Bio Fairtrade without caffeine 250g ground This decaffeinated espresso coffee... more

Alps Coffee Bio Fairtrade without caffeine 250g ground

This decaffeinated espresso coffee convinces with its full-bodied taste. The 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta beans come exclusively from selected organic plantations in Central and South America.

A light, fine acidity ensures maximum enjoyment.

During decaffeination, the coffee in its raw state is gently decaffeinated by the CO2 process, the only biologically recognised process. The traditional long-term roasting process makes the coffee particularly mild and extremely aromatic.

IT BIO 006

EAN: 4007460041426
Blend ratio: 90% Arabica / 10% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Floral
Type / Nature: Ground
Coffee maker / Machine : Moka Pot, French Press
Caffeine content: Caffeine-free
Package Size: 250g
Region / Country: Northern Italy
Degree of Roast: Medium
Intensity : Mild
Certification: Organic(Bio), Fair trade certified
Decaffeination processes: Carbon dioxide (CO²) method
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