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Martella Espresso decaffeinated

| 500g | Whole Bean
Martella Espresso Kaffee Decaffeinato ohne Koffein
Chocolaty, Nutty & Mild

Decaffeinated with pure water

(29.80€ / 1 kg)
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12.2022 12.2024

3-5 Workdays Article No. 10117

  • 10117
  • 0701197020399


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Martella Coffee Decaffeinato 500g Decaffeinated with pure water Caffè Martella has always... more

Martella Coffee Decaffeinato 500g

Decaffeinated with pure water

Caffè Martella has always been in favor of research and innovation an, at the same time, attentive to the needs of all it's estimators; this is why it's born Caffè Martella Dek (Water Decaffeinated Method). This process is considered the safest method to decaffeinated coffee: 100% SOLVENT FREE

In fact, through the washing of the mixture with the use of pure and hot water and special activated carbon filters, the extraction process is triggered. The result is the unique taste of a special blend, selected from the origin and roasted through the exclusive artisan method Caffè Martella: slow and low.

A special roasting that suits perfectly to this delicate blend which is dark in color, main characteristic of the prolonged contact with hot water. A perfect combination for those who love espresso Caffè Martella but not caffeine!

EAN: 0701197020399
Blend ratio: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Aroma: Chocolaty, Nutty
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter, Espresso Machine
Caffeine Content: Caffeine-Free
Package Size: 500g
Region: Middle Italy
Roast Level: Light
Strength: Mild
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Caffè Martella S.r.l., Via Cesare Colizza, 28, 00047 Marino (Roma), Italy