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Freshness Clip for Coffee Bag

Freshness Clip for your coffee bag

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Freshness Preservation Clip Espresso International Printed on both sides - to close the coffee... more

Freshness Preservation Clip Espresso International

Printed on both sides - to close the coffee bag

We constantly receive questions about the ideal way to store coffee. One important point is that the coffee should remain in its original packaging as much as possible. The main thing to keep in mind is to allow as little air as possible to reach the precious beans. This handy little clothes peg is ideal for achieving this.

Every time you close it on your coffee bag, it will be hermetically sealed. You will no longer need to roll the bags or tape them shut.

Suitable for all bag sizes from 250g to 1000g.

Thanks to the unique ‘PA closure’, this quality clothes peg has a long life and does not wear out. The closing sound is also markedly different from that of conventional mass-produced supermarket products. The quality of the material also makes it possible to enjoy such a small but effective help for a long time.


Instructions for treatment and use:

All WeLoc clothes pegs can be easily cleaned and refurbished. If WeLoc PA clothes pegs have become bent due to use on too thick a matarial, they can be restored to their original shape by washing them in a dishwasher or placing them in boiling water for some time. PA (nylon) is an engineering plastic with a unique ‘memory’.

When using it, be sure to cut the coffee bag at the opposite edge of the degassing valve. In this way, the valve can continue to operate right down to the last coffee bean.

Printing on the front: www.espresso-international.de
Printing on the back: - Klammer sucht Beutel - (Clip looking for bag)

Closing length: 150 mm
Total length: 178 mm



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