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Hario - Cold Brew Coffee Jug 1000ml

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Jug

The most elegant Cold Brew Maker by Hario

easy-care, practical permanent filter

Low-cost maker for Cold Brew iced coffee

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Hario - Cold Brew Coffee Jug, 1000ml The Hario Cold Brew Coffee Jug makes a very nice "Cold... more

Hario - Cold Brew Coffee Jug, 1000ml

The Hario Cold Brew Coffee Jug makes a very nice "Cold Brew Coffee". The simple look and the very high quality workmanship makes it one of the top products for Cold Brew. Its fine-pored stainless steel filter retains all coffee particles, leaving only the aromatic coffee, which has noticeably less bitter substances and significantly lower acidity. It unfolds the particularly fruity and sweet flavors. When the Cold Brew is ready, the easy-to-remove filter is easily cleaned under running water. You can also use the Hario Jug for tea. The glass is heat resistant. The only drawback is, if you take out the filter, the lid which is adapted to the filter size, has game and you should hold this when transporting or pouring.


  • use your favorite coffee (best use gently roasted coffee or 100% Arabica)
  • Grind coffee fresh, very rough! (100g coffee powder / 800ml water)
  • Fill the coffee powder into the filter element
  • Cover with fresh, room temperature or (cold) water
  • let it rest at least 4 hours, better overnight in the refrigerator
  • after the extraction time, remove the filter and rinse
  • serve pure or with ice cubes (or one of the recipes)
  • Shelf life in the refrigerator: max. 10 days


  • Height: 30,9 cm
  • Weight: 590g
  • Length: 101 mm
  • Width: 101 mm
  • Capacity: 8 cups / 1000m
  • Color: colorless, stainless steel
  • Use: suitable for hot coffee and tea
  • Appearance: Simples, functional design


Low-cost maker for Cold Brew iced coffee

EAN: 4977642036871
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