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Tasting pack - First class

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TreForze 250g whole beans
Mondicaffè The Bocs 375g whole beans
Filicori Zecchini Delicato 340g whole beans

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Tasting pack - First class Tre Forze! Sicilian gourmet espresso roasted over olive tree... more

Tasting pack - First class

Tre Forze!

Sicilian gourmet espresso roasted over olive tree wood.

250 g bag of espresso beans

TRE FORZE! were the first roasters to rediscover the roasting process over olive tree wood in Sicily. The perfect blend: Quality and care Tre Forze! only uses carefully selected premium beans from the best highland regions of the world. The blend is a secret. A small share of high-quality Robusta beans refine the top-rated Arabica beans.


Roast: over olive tree wood, 20-30 minutes gently

Crema: thick, smooth and creamy

Aroma: dried dates, chocolate and macadamia nuts

Flavour: delicately savoury, strong

Caffeine content: low, low in tannins and bitterns


Mondicaffè The Bocs Espresso

375g whole espresso beans 

100% arabica beans

The Bocs - a fantastic 100% Arabica espresso blend that is second to none.

Franco Mondi, son of the founder and master roaster of Mondicaffè, has invested all his knowledge and years of experience in this completely new blend.

Mondi obtains its green coffee directly from small coffee plants. Six high-class varieties are married here in perfect harmony. 

The bocs - The Cuvée 

Ethiopia: Sidamo g.2 | Heirloom CMI Corona
Brazil: Mogiana | Cachoeira da Grama Farm
India: Karnataka | Balehonnur Estate
Colombia: Antioquia | Finca San Cayetano
Peru: Chanchamayo | Alto Palomar CACE
Salvador: Cordillera del Balsamo | Quorum finca san Luis


milk chocolate
Candied citrus fruits
Caramelized milk

Very velvety texture of the crema. Persistent long in the aftertaste. Sweet and delicate.



Sachet de 340g en grains

80% Arabica - 20% Robusta

The name Filicori Zecchini Delicato already says it all: behind this elegant packaging hides an extremely delicate coffee.

For this blend, the best and rarest Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and India are used. Each variety undergoes a special treatment and a roasting time of its own. This guarantees a high quality end product. After being washed and roasted separately, each type of grain is mixed with the others to form this delicious blend.

Discover a coffee with a round taste, a full body and notes of vanilla, chocolate and even roasted cereals. Definitely worth a try!

Filicori Zecchini has opted for aluminum-free packaging. Thanks to the absence of multiple coating or composite material, the bags can be 100% recycled.

Thanks to its exceptional quality, Filicori Zecchini Delicato has been certified Espresso Italiano by the INEI (Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano). The institute has been protecting and promoting real espresso since 1998.


Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Automatic machine
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