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Mokaflor Dolce Forte 100% Robusta

| 250g | Whole Bean
Nutty, Malty & Intense

Mokaflor Espresso Dolce Forte 100% Robusta,
250g beans
Speciality Coffee

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11.2022 11.2024

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Mokaflor Dolce Forte espresso coffee 100% Robust beans Espresso beans, bag of 250g A brand... more

Mokaflor Dolce Forte espresso coffee

100% Robust beans

Espresso beans, bag of 250g

A brand new and very interesting mixture from the traditional roastery Mokaflor in Florence. Only the best robusta beans find their way into this really well-balanced blend. Robusta beans from Zaire provide the chocolaty taste, while washed beans from Cameroon are responsible for the herbal, spicy aroma. At the same time, this variety is elegant and round, because beans from Indian Parchment harmonize the character.

Crema Mokaflor Dolce Forte
Mokaflor Dolce Forte mitt satter Crema

Crema of the Mokaflor Dolce Forte
Mokaflor Dolce Forte with a rich crema
Meanwhile it is commonly known that a good dense crema is due to the robusta bean content. And because this is a blend of 100% Robustas, the crema is thick and dense. If the sugar is added later, it remains on top and waits patiently for stirring.

After extraction, smoky fragrances develop, with hints of whiskey and caramel. Enjoy the Mokaflor Dolce Forte as espresso or in a cappuccino.

It is precisely this strong blend that tolerates milk very well. Connoisseurs try it pure with sugar.


Evaluation: Strong espresso coffee with a high caffeine content, extremely beautiful cream formation, little acidity and bitter substances

Suitable for:

★★★★☆ very good for coffee machines and sieve carriers
★★★★☆ very good for espresso
★★★★☆ very good for cappuccino

Blend ratio: 100% Robusta
Aroma: Nutty, Malty
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter, Espresso Machine
Caffeine Content: High Caffeine Content
Package Size: 250g
Region: Middle Italy
Roast Level: Medium
Strength: Intense
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Torrefazione Mokaflor S.r.l., Via delle Torri 55, 50142 Firenze, Italy