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How to make espresso

Espresso preparation - step by step

Here you will learn all the important steps of espresso preparation. Especially as a beginner you can skip some of these steps, but as a perfectionist and gourmet you should at least follow them.


Step-by-step instructions for the perfect espresso

1. Switch on the machine and give it about 15 minutes to warm up completely.

2. the cup must now be warmed up. You can use either hot tap water or hot steam from the machine's steam nozzle. Make sure that the hot water that has accumulated in the cup does not splash out of the cup!

3. the sieve carrier - if it is not already warm - is then warmed up by starting the pump of the machine and letting a little hot water run through the empty sieve carrier.

4.Now fill the strainer support with the right amount (for one cup approx. 7 g) of freshly ground coffee powder.

5.The powder is pressed lightly in the filter with a coffee spoon or a "rammer" and the corners of the filter holder are cleaned of coffee residues. The screen holder can then be placed in the brewing group of the machine.

6.When the correct amount of espresso is reached (an espresso cup filled to approx. 2/3), the coffee delivery is stopped. Make sure that the espresso does not exceed the correct extraction time (20 - 30 seconds), otherwise the coffee will become too acidic. However, this time can vary slightly depending on the machine and grinding degree of the beans. Please ensure a brewing temperature of around and at 93°C (+/- 2°C). Boiling water and temperatures above 96°C dissolve bitter substances from the coffee grounds. And who wants to drink a bitter espresso?

7.Now the espresso can be served or the espresso drink can be completed, e.g. with a cappuccino or latte macchiato. For more information, see Espresso preparation.

8. you should then remove the strainer carrier from the brewing group and empty or tap it so that the coffee residues in the filter do not crust. However, please wait approx. 15 seconds before removing the filter holder to make sure that the pressure in the group has been reduced!

9. After thorough cleaning, the strainer support is placed back in the brewing group so that everything remains warm for the next cup.