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Espresso Sospeso

Caffè Sospeso - Suspended Coffees

The coffee Sospeso, which is actually native to Naples, has enjoyed increasing popularity abroad in recent years.

The "picked up" coffee does NOT describe any method of preparation, but a beautiful gesture. You pay not only for your own espresso, but also for another. This coffee, which has already been paid for, is issued by the respective barista upon request of a needy customer. Above all, Caffè Sospeso revives itself as a sign of social solidarity.

It is also important to know that an espresso in Italy is subject to fixed prices. Similar to fixed book prices in Germany. The respective Italian municipality sets this price as low as possible. Usually at 1.00 to 1.50 euros. However, this only applies to the espresso drunk standing at the bar. For an Italian the fast "Caffe al Bar" belongs to the basic needs of a person. And from exactly this feeling out one gives evenly gladly to humans, who cannot afford it. The fact that this happens anonymously makes things all the nicer for both the recipient and the donor.

Many modern coffee bars and coffee shops today pay close attention to the origin of their coffee. The human factor associated with coffee cultivation is becoming more and more important, and this is a good thing. Fairly traded and responsibly cultivated products are experiencing a blossom.

Caffè Sospeso was born in the Neapolitan culture, a people that has always been close to each other and above all on its own. Almost extinct, Caffè Sospeso is experiencing a boom today. Not only in Germany, but all over Europe, South America and even Australia, the donation, also called "suspended coffee", is gladly seen and practiced.

Over 200 cafés in Germany are registered with Suspended Coffees Germany and support their projects.