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Bestmax Premium Filter Cartridge S

Bestmax Premium Filter Cartridge S

BWT Bestmax filter cartridge S

for optimal water quality

Filters pollutants and prevents limescale deposits

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Best Water Technology - Premium Filter Cartridge S This Bestmax Filter Cartridge S is a... more

Best Water Technology - Premium Filter Cartridge S

This Bestmax Filter Cartridge S is a replacement for the used cartridge of your BWT water filter system. It is used for the decarbonization of cold water. It reduces the lime content and the total hardness of the tap water. This protects connected appliances such as coffee machines, espresso machines, steam cookers or ice makers from harmful limescale deposits. In addition, filtration has a positive effect on the taste and aroma of the water and the food prepared with it. This is because, in addition to limescale, particles and negative odors and tastes, such as chlorine, are also removed.

The water passes through a total of five filtration processes in the candle. This guarantees optimum water quality. First, the raw water flows through the inlet into the bottom of the filter cartridge. There, the smallest particles are removed via a pre-filter. In the same process, odor and taste substances such as chlorine are filtered out by activated carbon. In the middle section of the cartridge, the water is decarbonized by means of an ion exchanger. Now it is treated again by an activated carbon fleece and finally flows through a last filter, which is installed in the outlet of the cartridge.

The filter capacity of a filter cartridge is about 1000 liters at a carbonate hardness of 10°. However, the maximum filter capacity depends on your water hardness. You can determine this by means of our test kit. You should change the cartridge as soon as the maximum flow volume is reached or the 12th month is exceeded.

EAN: 4250266702880
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