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JoeFrex - 55 mm Tamper KNOCK-CONVEX

JoeFrex - 55 mm Tamper KNOCK-CONVEX

JoeFrex - 55 mm Tamper knock and convex design

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JoeFrex - 55 mm Tamper KNOCK-CONVEX All the lower parts of KNOCK CONVEX have a slightly convex... more

JoeFrex - 55 mm Tamper KNOCK-CONVEX

All the lower parts of KNOCK CONVEX have a slightly convex pressing surface to compress the coffee powder.

Why the name Knock?

After pressing the coffee powder for the first time, lightly tap on the side of the filter holder to dislodge any remaining powder on the sides. Then it can be pressed again. To avoid using the base of the tamper or the wooden handle for this light tap on the filter holder, risking damage to both the tamper and the filter holder arm, you can now tap with the integrated silicone ring in the base.

Why the name CONVEX?

Normally, the surface of the coffee powder pressed into the filter holder doesn't play a significant role; whether it's flat or concave, there's enough space between the coffee surface and the dispensing group so that the water dispensed from it can be evenly distributed over the coffee powder and pass through it uniformly. However, if a flat filter is used in the arm, or if much more than 7g (for a single cup filter) or 14g (for a double cup filter) is used, the space between the coffee powder and the dispensing group may be too reduced for optimal water distribution. For this purpose, you can use the Tamper Base Convex, as it leaves a cavity in the middle of the pressed powder, for better water distribution.

The size of the tamper to be used varies according to the manufacturer. Here you will find a list of manufacturers and their required sizes for tampers:

- Delonghi BAR Tamper 51mm
- Dalla Corte 54mm
- ECM Tamper 58mm
- Elektra Micro Casa S1 Tamper 49mm
- Elektra Tamper 58mm
- Faema Tamper 58mm
- Fiorenzato Tamper 58mm
- Francis! Francis! X1 Tamper 56mm
- Gaggia Tamper 58mm
- Grimac Tamper 58mm
- IIsomac Tamper 58mm
- IZZO Lever Tamper 53 mm
- IZZO Tamper 58mm
- Krups Tamper 48/49mm
- La Cimbali Tamper 58mm
- La Marzocco Tamper 58mm
- La Pavoni Club Combo / Duetto Tamper 58mm
- La Pavoni Europiccola Tamper 48/49mm
- La Pavoni Manual Lever for Domestic Use (starting from 1999) Tamper 51mm
- La Pavoni Manual Lever for Domestic Use (until 1999) Tamper 48/49mm
- La Pavoni Lusso Tamper 53mm
- La Pavoni Millennium Tamper 51mm
- La Pavoni Professional Tamper 51mm
- La Pavoni Pub Tamper 58mm
- La Scala Tamper 58mm
- La Spaziale Tamper 53mm
- Nuova Simonelli Tamper 58mm
- Quickmill 58mm
- Rancilio Tamper 58mm
- Reneka Tamper 57mm
- Saeco Tamper 53mm or 51mm
- San Marco Tamper 54.4mm or 53mm
- Vibiemme Tamper 58mm
- Wega Tamper 58mm

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