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Espresso Set with Jamaica Blue Mountain

| 1kg | Whole beans
Probierset Espressokaffee mit Jamaica Blue Mountain

Three of the finest Espresso blends  
Each refined with Jamaican Blue Mountain beans
One of the rarest coffee varieties 

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Tasting Set Tasting set of 1x 500g and 2x 250g whole espresso... more

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Tasting Set

Tasting set of 1x 500g and 2x 250g whole espresso beans

One of the most expensive and highest quality espresso beans in the world, the Jamaica Blue Mountain bean. And its name is no coincidence - because it is grown exclusively in the Blue Mountains on the coast of Jamaica. It was the Jamaican governor Sir Nicolas Lawes who was gifted some Arabica coffee plants in 1728 and planted them high up in the Jamaican mountains. Nobody suspected that the growing conditions there were the absolute best.

The origin of these beans, in the highlands of St. Andrew, offers constant temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius at an altitude of over 2000m. Fluctuations of just 10% in humidity and 5 degrees in temperature throughout the whole year make the climate there so perfect for growing Jamaica Blue Mountain beans.
Millions of years of tectonic movement around the island of Jamaica have enriched the island with vast amounts of valuable minerals from the earth's core. In addition, St. Andrew on the north coast of the island, receives up to 5000mm of rainfall each year, which, combined with the consistent warmth, creates a lot of fog. Under these conditions, the coffee cherries grow particularly slowly there and develop an irresistibly mild but incomparably tasty aroma during this ripening period.

Harvesting the Blue Mountain beans is extraordinarily treacherous. Picking the precious, ripened coffee cherries on the steep slopes of Jamaica is a task that only the most experienced coffee pickers can perform.

In terms of taste, the beans offer a perfect harmony of light sweetness, barely noticeable acidity and a fruity note with hints of hazelnut. Together with the intense aroma and the long-lasting aftertaste on the palate, the Jamaica Blue bean becomes something very special.
All three espresso blends in this tasting set have been refined with this high-class coffee-bean variety.

Mokaflor Chiaroscuro

100% Arabica of which 10% Jamaica Blue Mountain

Ethiopia Grade 1 Natural Typica - Heirloom
Honduras Marcala SHB Washed Bourbon - Catuai
Brazil Alta Mogiana franca Gr 2 17/18 Natural Catuai - Caturra

These 3 exceptional coffees are complemented by one of the most valuable of all coffee varieties - the Jamaica Blue Mountain.

The effect of this addition on the flavour spectrum of the blend is unbelievable. The finest aromas of tobacco, nutmeg, dark chocolate and a hint of papaya unfold on the palate. This espresso coffee also provides a fine, fruity kick on the tongue. It has a crema that is incomparably dense, hazelnut-coloured and finely striped. Acids and bitter substances have been reduced to a minimum and the caffeine content is very low.

A real recommendation for all those who like a multi-layered flavour. With almost every preparation, new nuances in taste can be discovered.

This Chiaroscuro blend from Mokaflor is perfect for portafilter fully automatic machines, but it also develops its very special aroma in an Aeropress or the V60.

Andraschko Espresso Buena Vista Primèro 250g

Blend ratio: 100% Arabica - with 5% Jamaica Blue Mountain

Semi washed Brazils with a Panama bouquet and an addition of the most precious variety - the Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Everything else about this wonderful coffee remains Andraschko's well-kept secret.

Each Andraschko variety is refined separately in a Probat drum roaster. Only hand-picked Arabica varieties are used. The raw coffee beans are first roasted gently and slowly, variety by variety, at a temperature of between 200 and 220 degrees Celsius, and only after that, combined to create this balanced blend full of aroma.

Roasting: medium roast
Cupping Notes: Relaxing, aromatic, profound
Preparation: Espresso machine 18g in double filter 92°-94°, Moka pot

Passalacqua Harem Espresso 500g

Blending ratio: 100% Arabica of which 5% Jamaica Blue Mountain 

100% Arabica beans of the best varieties, masterfully combined to create the finest blend that the Neapolitan roastery Passalacqua has to offer. And the Harem consists of ten different Arabica varieties.

Of course, Passalacqua's roasting masters roast each Arabica variety individually and strictly according to its individual roasting profile. Only then are the varieties combined to create this wonderful blend, which is second to none. An irresistible coffee pleasure from southern Italy.

Tips of the manufacturer for the preparation:

Amount of ground coffee: 8g per portion or 16g in a double sieve.
Water temperature: 92 C° - 93 C°.
Water hardness: approx. 9°d

Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 1kg
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