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Tamper Competition Line V7 - Hauck

Hauck Tamper Competition Line V7

Hauck Tamper Competition Line V7
Highest quality and precision
Adjustable height

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Competition Line Tamper - V7 - Hauck Top of the range Competition Line Tamper - 58.4 mm For... more

Competition Line Tamper - V7 - Hauck

Top of the range Competition Line Tamper - 58.4 mm

For over 30 years, the Hauck family company in Gampern, Austria, has been producing high-quality accessories. Thanks to proven craftsmanship, top-quality materials and technical know-how, founder Otto Hauck's team creates true masterpieces.

What makes this Tamper so special?
It's part of Hauck's Competition line, which has been specially designed for competitions and is Hauck's most popular product. It stands out for its noble raw materials, perfect finish and excellent value for money. The special feature of this model is its adjustable height, with the immersion depth being adjustable on a pressure height scale from 4 mm to 14 mm. This means it can be adapted to any dosage quantity with maximum precision. What's more, all parts of the Hauck tamper are made in Austria, a testament to the company's durability.

Materials and handling
The handle of this tamper is made with a polished walnut wood insert and is surrounded by anodised aluminium. The handle is specially milled to ensure that it fits perfectly and securely in any hand, even when wet. The flat base is made from high-quality stainless steel and weighs in at an elegant 500g. So flat tamping is always a success. The materials and their targeted treatment create a balanced, deep centre of gravity that makes it easy for you to handle. There's only one word to describe this tamper: Perfect. It fits perfectly in your hand, offers a large pressure surface and has a perfect centre of gravity.

How do I use the tamper correctly?
The word "tamper" refers to the settling of the coffee grounds in the filter holder. The aim is to obtain a dose of coffee that is as flat and even as possible. This is particularly important so that the hot water can flow evenly through the filter holder, as this is the only way for the coffee to develop its full aroma. It is best to place the tamper at a right angle from the top and press it downwards with a slight twisting motion. This slight twisting motion distributes the surface of the coffee even more evenly. But here too, practice makes perfect. Those who want to make perfect coffee every time without exception can also use Hauck's matching Tamper for optimum results.

Technical informations:
Total height: approx. 6 cm (height adjustable)
Diameter of tamper base: 58.4 mm
Handle material: walnut wood
Tamper base material: 1.4305 stainless steel
Total weight: 475 grams
Ideal for use with filter holders from VST, IMS, E&B, Baristapro and Decent (distributor group E61).

The tampers are handmade, making each piece unique. This means that slight variations in appearance may occur. However, the quality and precision of the work remain unchanged.

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HAUCK TAMPER, Wachtbergstraße 31, 4852 Weyregg am Attersee, Austria