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Rainforest Alliance - The frog in the service of the earth

"I think owning land and not destroying it is the most beautiful art you can ever wish for."

The words of Andy Warhol, a well-known lover of nature and art, are not only a message but also a call to all humanity. Our Earth is unique and as such very fragile. It is up to us to protect it, support it and, if necessary, take care of it. This is the goal of the Rainforest Alliance, an international environmental protection organization founded in 1987. Founded as a sign of protest against rainforest deforestation, for more than 30 years it has supported all farmers, communities and companies involved in the production and marketing of coffee, always with sustainability in mind.

Rainforest Alliance - The frog in the service of the earth

Since 2020, the Rainforest Alliance has introduced a new seal that symbolizes the new identity of the company, which was created after the merger with UTZ. The certification offered by the organization provides farmers and companies with an important identifier that loudly expresses its focus on sustainability and limiting environmental impact. It is not just a commercial symbol, but a sign of hope and progress towards a future that is cleaner and more respectful of all living things around us.

Continuous improvement, transparency and responsibility are the three key concepts that occupy wide space in the Rainforest Alliance and form the basis of a philosophy that has been going straight for more than thirty years. As its members maintain, a good product can only come about when nature and producers act in sync and harmony. With Follow the Frog, the organization's marketing and awareness campaign, the sign of the frog, is intended to be a symbol of unity, perseverance and conviction. It symbolizes the path of a determined mission to protect the world.

Environmentally friendly and respectful coffees and products

To obtain the environmental sustainability certification offered by the Rainforest Alliance, products must meet no less than 94 criteria, divided into ten different categories. These include social and environmental management, ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection and water conservation. Not to be forgotten are minimum wages and appropriate working conditions for all employees, safe and healthy work spaces, good relations with local communities, pesticide and fertilizer management, soil and waste management.

This testifies to a careful concern not only for nature and the planet, but also for the living conditions of all the workers involved in the daily processing of the product. Fair wages and working conditions that allow for a healthy life and the fight against forced labor and exploitation are just some of the Rainforest Alliance's most important goals. Collaboration and trust have been part of the Rainforest Alliance vocabulary since its inception. The organization aims to strengthen relationships with consumers and producers so that everyone can share in the growth of the sector.

The possession of Rainforest Alliance certification is therefore a source of pride and joy for every producer, who is aware that he is doing a good job not only for himself, but also and above all for others. A work that aims to create a sustainable and fulfilling life for all the workers in the value chain, from the first picker to the highly qualified engineer. A task that becomes even more delicate against the backdrop of the difficult times our planet is going through. The impact of the climate crisis is pressing our planet and it is more than ever time to show commitment.