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Passalacqua ESE Pod Manhoa

Passalacqua ESE Espresso Pad Manhoa
Chocolaty, Fruity & Strong

15 Ese Pods of 7,3g each - 109,5g total

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Passalacqua ESE Pod Manhoa 15 E.S.E. Pods individually packed in a protective atmosphere... more

Passalacqua ESE Pod Manhoa

15 E.S.E. Pods individually packed in a protective atmosphere

Typically South Italian - dark roasted with a strong taste. A delicious blend of beans from 9 different countries of origin. Manhoa is characterised by a beautiful cream and hazelnut colour. In the aftertaste there is a light and pleasant sweet flavour. The pods are individually vacuum-packed to protect the aroma, and contain the perfect amount of ground coffee, properly pressed, to obtain an espresso worthy of the best Italian tradition.

These E.S.E. pods are suitable for all machines that work with the E.S.E. system!

15 ESE Pods of 7.3g = 109.5g per packet

Quantity of pods/capsules : 15
Blend ratio: 75% Arabica / 25% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Fruity
Type / Nature: Pods
Coffee maker / Machine : Pods Machine
Caffeine content: Medium Caffeine Content
Region / Country: South Italy
Degree of Roast: Dark
Low acidity: Yes
Intensity: Strong Reviews with

S. PASSALACQUA S.P.A, Via Taverna Rossa, 131/133, 80020 Casavatore (NA), Italy