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Nurri Espresso Caffè Napoletano

| 1kg | Whole beans
Nurri Caffè Napoletano Espresso
Chocolaty, Fruity & Balanced

1000g bean

80% Arabica

dark roasted

(23.90€ / 1 kg)
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Nurri Caffè Napoletano Espresso 1000g bean Mixing ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robust... more

Nurri Caffè Napoletano Espresso

1000g bean

Mixing ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robust beans

The beans are roasted dark and oily in a drum roaster. The real, classic southern Italian BAR espresso - sweet and full-bodied thanks to high-quality, washed Robusta beans.

So the Caffè Napoletano shows itself in the cup in a beautiful brown colour with a rich crema, which decorates the espresso in hazelnut brown and seduces with aromatic nuances of roasted hazelnuts, honey and dark chocolate. On the palate it is full-bodied, yet very balanced and harmonious

Rating: medium strength espresso, full-bodied, very good creama

Blend ratio: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Fruity
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Caffeine content: Medium Caffeine Content
Package Size: 1kg
Region / Country: South Italy
Degree of Roast: Dark
Intensity: Balanced Reviews with

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