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Mocambo AROMA Espresso

| 1kg | Whole beans
Floral, Fruity & Mild

Mocambo Espresso AROMA, the new blend by Drago Mocambo, 1000g beans

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AROMA Mocambo 1000g bag of coffee beans The Aroma coffee blend is the 4th creation in the... more

AROMA Mocambo

1000g bag of coffee beans

The Aroma coffee blend is the 4th creation in the Drago Mocambo range.

Like the other blends in the roasting range, the Aroma variety has been developed with love, passion and many years of experience. The choice of the right roast and, of course, the selection of green coffee beans play an important role. Only top-quality coffee beans from the best plantations in Central America and Brazil are used. The high Arabica bean content (90%) produces a fine, balanced blend. The traditional slow roasting on a rotating drum makes Mocambo AROMA coffee particularly low in acidity and light.

As well as being a Fairtrade coffee, AROMA is now also 100% organic.

This fantastic coffee is also known as SOLO, because you don't need to use different types of coffee to enjoy a perfect espresso or an americano. This versatile blend is ideal for both types of preparation.

Prerequisite: set the grind on your coffee grinder or automatic coffee machine to a coarser grind than that used for espresso, to achieve a brewing time of around 30 to 38 seconds. The result is an excellent long coffee or café crème, which can be enjoyed at any time of day thanks to the low caffeine content of the blend.

EAN: 4001351003074
Blend ratio: 90% Arabica / 10% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Floral, Fruity
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Caffeine content: Low caffeine
Package Size: 1kg
Region / Country: Germany
Degree of Roast: Medium
Intensity: Mild
Certification: Organic(Bio), Fair trade certified
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