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JoeFrex Tamper

Coffee grounds pressers or tampers are probably the most important utensil in the correct preparation of espresso. To ensure that sufficient pressure builds up in the portafilter and that the brewing water does not pass through too quickly, the coffee grounds are compressed in the portafilter by applying pressure with the espresso tamper. All Joe Frex models are handcrafted solidly in Germany from top quality materials. The handles are designed and finished to fit ergonomically just right in the hand.

JoeFrex Tamper
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Tamper Top  Iron Age black 160g Reviews with
Tamper Top Iron Age black 160g

Unavailable Article No. 9080

Article No. 9080
Joe Frex Flat Tamper Unterteil Reviews with
JoeFrex - 58,5 mm Tamper Base FLAT
(72.14€ / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 6196

Article No. 6196
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