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Espazzola Membran Espazzola Membran 53mm
Original replacement membrane for Espazzola 53mm Two diaphragms are included in the scope of delivery. One is suitable for all common machines (except La Spaziale. The second membrane is suitable for the La Spaziale machines. When used...

3-5 Workdays Article No. 9100

Espazzola Espazzola cleaning tool for the brewing group,...
Espazzola - Cleaning brewing groups, fast and easy! The Espazzola is a professional tool to clean the brewing group of espresso machines. It is hooked into the brewing group like a sieve holder and uses the hot water from the machine for...

3-5 Workdays Article No. 9101

Espazzola Reinigungstool Siebtraeger Espazzola cleaning tool black
Espazzola - Cleaning brew groups, quickly and easily! The Espazzola is a professional tool for cleaning the brew group of espresso machines. It is inserted into the brew group like a portafilter and utilizes hot water from the machine...

3-5 Workdays Article No. 9084