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Help with ordering tamper at Espresso International

Help with tamper ordering: Determine tamper size with template

Do you know which tamper you need?

When selecting the tamper, the exact size is crucial in order to optimally press the espresso powder into the portafilter. If you do not have a manufacturer's specification for the tamper size of your espresso machine, then you must determine the diameter yourself.

Please measure the inner diameter of your tamper before ordering. To be on the safe side, we offer templates for you to print out and cut out. Simply insert them into your portafilter - this is how you determine the mm diameter of your tamper.

Please note: When printing, the option "Fit page" must not be checked, as this will falsify the result.


Tamper and tamper templates are available in dimensions between 48 and 58 millimeters. The templates are available for download in PDF format:

You will find your new tamper in our online store Espresso International in the category Tamper.