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Handle Tamper Pop

Our Handle Tamper Pop Collection

A special kind of eye-catcher. In bold colors, high-gloss lacquered tamper handles from JoeFrex. The manufacturer for espresso accessories. The handy aluminum handles coated with powder in current colors have their own distinctive charm. Fun while tamping guaranteed!

Handle Tamper Pop
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JoeFrex - Tamper Pop white Reviews with
JoeFrex - Tamper Pop white

3-5 Workdays Article No. 9048-hpw

Article No. 9048-hpw
JoeFrex - Tamper Handle Pop red Reviews with
JoeFrex - Tamper Handle Pop red

Unavailable Article No. 9048-hpr

Article No. 9048-hpr
JoeFrex - Tamper Pop black Reviews with
JoeFrex - Tamper Pop black

Unavailable Article No. 9048-hps

Article No. 9048-hps
JoeFrex - Tamper Pop Pink Reviews with
JoeFrex - Tamper Pop Pink

Unavailable Article No. 9048-hpp

Article No. 9048-hpp