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Gourmet Set - Best coffees from all over Italy

| 3kg | Whole beans
Salimbene Superbar Essse Masini Martella Maximum Class

3 x 1000g beans

Salimbene Superbar
Martella Maximum Class
Essse Caffè Masini


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The best from all over Italy - Tasting set 3 x 1000g bean Essse Caffè Masini 1000g Espresso... more

The best from all over Italy - Tasting set

3 x 1000g bean

Essse Caffè Masini 1000g Espresso

Mixing ratio: 90% Arabica beans / 10% Robusta beans

A wonderful aroma with fine acidity - Masini - The king mixture from the house Essse Caffè.

The coffee roasting company Essse Caffè was founded in 1979 in Bologna by the Segafredo family. Today the company is still owned by the Segafredo family. To this day, the family has remained faithful to the tradition, the artisan principles of coffee roasting - the beans are roasted separately, gently and slowly in the rotating drum and then cooled in the air.

The beans in this blend are dark and evenly roasted. They exude a chocolaty and intense aroma. The taste of Masini also captivates with chocolaty notes as well as with a persistent spiciness in the finish and a full body. Thanks to the robusta beans a rich crema is formed, which presents itself in a hazelnut brown colour. You can find this espresso in many small cafés and espresso bars in the Emillia-Romagna region - especially in the metropolis of Bologna. Furthermore, Essse Caffè can also be found everywhere else in Italy. Essse Caffè is one of the biggest coffee roasters that are represented in the Italian gastronomy.

Thanks to its outstanding quality, Essse Caffe Miscela Masini has been certified as Espresso Italiano by the INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano). The institute protects and promotes the real espresso and has been doing so since 1998.

Martella Maximum Class 1000g Espresso

Mixing ratio: 90% Arabica beans / 10% Robusta beans

What a wonderful coffee!

This is how an espresso presents itself that has prevailed against 50 competitors. Does not taste bitter and has only a very subtle acidity with aromas of bergamot and pumpernickel.

Produced in a small family roastery in Rome, in the best artisan tradition. For his variety Maximum Class Giancarlo Martella uses a blend of the best Arabicas and Robustas. The result is a full-bodied, unbelievably creamy coffee, which is very harmonious and has a remarkable fullness.

Salimbene Superbar 1000g Espresso

Mixing ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robusta beans

Cleverly composed of no less than eight coffee varieties from seven countries of origin: Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Uganda. A rich and velvety, reddish, hazelnut-brown crema "seals" the aromas of Superbar. Enjoy a structured and harmonious blend in the cup.

The genuine, classic southern Italian BAR espresso - sweetish and full-bodied thanks to high-quality, washed Robusta beans.

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Package Size: 3kg
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