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Dripdrip 2in1 Cold Brew Dripper

Dripdrip 2in1 Cold Brew Dripper

Noble Cold Brew Machine for Cold Brew Coffee

With two integrated Cold Brew methods

Cold Brew Coffee - So delicious!

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Dripdrip 2in1 Dripper - Cold Brew Dripper The Cold Brew Dripper allows you to use two... more

Dripdrip 2in1 Dripper - Cold Brew Dripper

The Cold Brew Dripper allows you to use two different methods to make delicious Cold Brew Coffee.

The coffee bean is a fruit with a unique variety of flavours. Hardly any other food has such a complex range of flavours and aromas. Whether chocolaty and tart or flowery and fruity, coffee comes in countless varieties. The advantage of cold brew is that significantly fewer bitter and acidic substances are dissolved during extraction with cold water than with hot water.

Cold Brew coffee is characterised by a wonderful fruitiness and mildness. The finished coffee is much rounder and more pleasant than hot brewed coffee. Unpleasant bitterness is hardly to be found here. The longer preparation time of up to 24 hours is absolutely worth it. This way you will get to know your favourite coffee in a completely different way. Multifaceted with an incredible spectrum of flavours.

Whether on hot summer days or simply as a little refreshment in between, an aromatic Cold Brew coffee will always sweeten your day.

The 2in1 Cold Brew Dripper combines two methods of production. On the one hand, the classic cold drip process, which takes between 2 and 6 hours, and the so-called full immersion process, in which the coffee has to steep for up to 24 hours.

Cold Drip method:

The first step is to pour the coffee into the filter. We recommend freshly ground coffee in an amount of 7-10g per 100ml of water. So if you want to make 500ml of Cold Brew, you need 35-50g of ground coffee. Then place the water tank without the metal filter on the filled coffee filter and pour in the desired amount of water. Now you can adjust how much and how fast the water should run through the rotary valve. We recommend setting the valve to one drop per second. Now you have to wait until all the water has run through.

You can now enjoy the finished Cold Brew pure with ice or as a milk drink. Cold Brew is also an excellent base for long drinks or cocktails. In a closed container in the refrigerator, Cold Brew Coffee stays fresh for about 3 days.


Cold Brew Tip:

To ensure that the water drops are evenly distributed, moisten the surface of the coffee grounds in the filter with a little water. Alternatively, you can place a piece of round coffee filter paper on the coffee bed. To keep the water nice and cool during the extraction process, add a few ice cubes to the water container.


Full immersion process:

The full immersion method is also used to prepare cold brew coffee. However, you can also use it to make a concentrate by varying the amount of coffee you choose. Instead of 7-10g, you use 15-25g of ground coffee per 100ml and thus achieve an extremely intense Cold Brew beverage.

First, close the rotary valve completely and insert the small metal filter into the vessel. Now add the desired amount of freshly ground coffee. The more ground coffee you use, the more intense the coffee. Now place the water tank on the glass jug and pour in cold water. That's all you need to do at this point. Put the lid on and wait 18-24 hours. Preferably, you should now let the coffee steep in the refrigerator. Finally, open the rotary valve and let the finished Cold Brew flow into the glass cup. You can now enjoy the concentrate diluted with water or use it as a base for milk drinks, long drinks or cocktails.


Scope of delivery and further product information:

  • Cold Drip Coffee Maker for up to 600 ml / 45 g of coffee per extraction
  • Coffee container made of PYREX glass
  • Permanent filter made of fine stainless steel mesh
  • Valve for exact adjustment of the drip speed
  • Water tank made of sturdy, food-safe plastic
  • Instruction and recipe card
  • Weight: 445g
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 10.5 x 29 cm (W x D x H)

EAN: 4280001396272
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