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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew, Cold Drip - just iced coffee?

Cold Brew, Cold Drip, aren't they all just hip spellings for iced coffee? No! Although all three beverages are consumed cold, the production and preparation differ considerably - and so does the taste.

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Iced Coffee

So new is definitely not iced coffee. For decades it has been found in the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets and even makes children happy. Especially in summer it is still very popular. The preparation is very easy, depending on the desired iced coffee, you brew a normal espresso, coffee cream or filter coffee and let it cool or enjoy it directly with ice cubes, milk and sugar.


Coffee summer tip!

If you like to drink coffee with milk spontaneously in summer, you can buy ice cube bags from the supermarket, fill them with filter coffee instead of water and put them in the freezer. Depending on your needs, you can then take out a few coffee ice cubes and enjoy them with cold milk in a latte macchiato glass - it tastes super good and is super simple.

Cold Drip vs. Cold Brew

Even if we have classified the Cold Drip together with the Cold Brew preparation method in the category "Curiosities" for the time being, both are becoming more and more common. Even Starbucks included Cold Brew beverages in their program in 2015. Among baristas, the new techniques became known mainly in 2014. Nothing is really new about Cold Drip, only it had fallen into oblivion.

Also called "Dutch Coffee" it was probably invented in the 17th century by the Dutch exploring the world. Without electricity it was obvious to simply "brew" coffee with cold water in order not to have to completely renounce the pleasure. As the result convinced he was born, the Dutch Coffee. In a more refined form, the cold drip now comes in very special containers.

In principle they resemble a non-electric filter coffee machine; in a tank above the sieve there is ice-cold water that drips finely dosed onto the coffee grounds for several hours. Cold Brew, on the other hand, is prepared either at room temperature or in the refrigerator with a French press or a hand filter and is also poured off after eight to twelve hours. Apart from the necessary patience, the preparation of Cold Drip and Cold Brew is no secret.


What is the difference between Cold Drip and Cold Brew?

The difference between Cold Brew/Cold Drip and Iced Coffee can be seen above all in the taste. While iced coffee tastes mainly like cold coffee, Cold Brew unfolds its very own aromas. The hours of extraction at low temperatures give it a full-bodied, low acidity and very intense taste.

It is therefore a good idea to drink it with water and/or ice cubes and add some cold milk if necessary. Especially in summer, Cold Brew and Cold Drip are an excellent alternative for frahling lovers who long for something cold for a change. Intense taste and the familiar waking effect make Cold Brew superior to any energy drink!


Which coffee is particularly suitable for Cold Brew?

Basically, any coffee can be prepared using the Cold Brew method. Cold Brew contains less acids and bitter substances than hot water. The hotter the water, the more bitter substances are dissolved. Cold Brew has exactly the opposite effect: the longer the coffee is extracted in cold water, the more aromas are released from the coffee and the coffee tastes wonderfully complex.

This is what makes the brewing method so exciting. You can taste the most different characteristics wonderfully intense, but mild.

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We hope you enjoy experimenting with Cold Brew.