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Tamper 101

Dimension Chart for Tamper - Tamper Dimension Chart

Measure the inside distance of the filter and subtract 1 mm from the diameter to find the correct tamper.



  41 49 51 53 54 57 58 58,5
ASTORIA  CT505 (PLUS4YOU)       TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x        
ASTORIA  CT503             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
ASTRA           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x    
AURORA BRUGNETTI             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
BEZZERA              TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
BFC ROYAL             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
BRASILIA             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
CARIMALI             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
CASADIO             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
CIMBALI             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
CONTI SACOME             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
CREAM EXPOBAR             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
DALLA CORTE         TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x      
DE’LONGHI     TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x          
ECM             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
ELEKTRA              TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
FAEMA FUTURMAT             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
FIAMMA             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
FRACINO             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
GAGGIA             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
GRIMAC-FIORENZATO              TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
GRUPPO IZZO       TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x        
IBERAL           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x    
ISOMAC              TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
KRUPS  TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x              
LA MARZOCCO             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
LA NUOVA ERA           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x    
LELIT            TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x    
MAGISTER           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
NUOVA SIMONELLI             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
OLYMPIA     TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x          
LA PAVONI             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
LA PAVONI EUROPICCOLA   TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x            
LA PAVONI MILLENIUM     TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x          
PROMAC             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
RANCILIO              TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
RENEKA           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x    
ROCKET             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
SAN MARCO         TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x      
SANREMO             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
LA SCALA NORD EST             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
LA SPAZIALE       TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x        
SV SAB ITALIA             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
SYNESSO             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
UNIC           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x    
VFA EXPRESS           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x    
VIBIEMME             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
VICTORIA ARDUINO           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
VISACREM           TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
WEGA             TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x  
WEGA CONCEPT       TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x        
FILTRI COMPETIZIONE               TamperhdSc5VfuTM35x