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Tasting Set Bellissimo

| 250g | Capsule
Probierset Kapseln Bellissimo

Tasting Set Capsules Bellissimo

20 capsules Lucaffe 100% Arabica
10 capsules Kimbo Napoli
10 capsules Mokaflor Brasile
10 capsules ORO Caffe Venezia

For all Nespresso* compatible machines

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Bellissimo tasting set for the Nespresso®* system 50 capsules from 4 roasters total 250g... more

Bellissimo tasting set for the Nespresso®* system

50 capsules from 4 roasters total 250g

20 Lucaffè Lucapsule 100% Arabica capsules for the Nespresso®* system

These Nespresso-compatible capsules are made from sugar cane extract and are therefore 100% natural, fully biodegradable and compostable.

0% plastic 0% aluminium

These Lucaffè capsules bring the beloved taste of Lucaffè to your Nespresso®* machine. Like all Lucaffè coffees, the espresso for these capsules is roasted in the Italian tradition. Only the best green coffee beans are used. Of course, they are gently roasted at low temperatures to achieve a unique aroma and a fine creaminess. Packaged in a reusable tinplate can, which is 100% recyclable, the Lucaffè capsules retain their fruity, flowery aroma for a long time.

10 capsules of Kimbo coffee for the Nespresso® system

Variety: Napoli

A unique coffee composition without equal. The South American Arabica beans combined with the Asian Robusta beans give this multi-faceted espresso an unmistakable aroma. Full-bodied and well-balanced, this variety presents itself sweet with pleasantly floral aromas, inspired by notes of freshly baked biscuits.

10 capsules of Mokaflor Capsules for the Nespresso®* system

Variety: Brasile

100% Arabica beans

Brazilian coffees are recommended for their neutrality, they are very consistent and combine well with other varieties whose taste they do not dominate. For this reason, they are often used as the basis for blends.

Taste: We use the Brasil Santos Natural, with intense body and medium sweetness.

Roast: medium roast

10 capsules of Oro coffee for the Nespresso® system

Variety: Venezia

The best Arabica beans are used and ideally roasted in Oro Caffe Venezia. The distinctive quality standards of the roasting family and the Italian roasting method make these espresso capsules a welcome alternative to conventional capsule suppliers.

100% Arabica varieties from South America, lightly roasted.

The Venezia variety has a fruity floral aroma and notes of hazelnut and almond and is very mild.

Quantity of pods/capsules : 50
Type / Nature: Capsule
Coffee maker / Machine : Capsule Machine
Package Size: 250g Reviews with

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