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Salimbene capsules

Our Salimbene Nespresso® compatible capsules

The experience of the Salimbene family, which produces Italian espresso coffee for the best bars in Naples since 1933, enclosed in a pod. Salimbene blends will give you the opportunity to enjoy an excellent espresso at home. Fruity flavors coupled with sweetness and creaminess promise the Nespresso® capsules called Superbar, Caffeteria and Deliziosa from Salimbene. Coffees from Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia and Uganda. If you prefer the genuine, classic Italian espresso - sweet and full, then try the Superbar, which will bring a structured and harmonious blend to your cup thanks to high-quality, washed Robusta beans. At Salimbene you can find the best green coffees and the most profound knowledge of the characteristics of each of them. Buy and try a box of Salimbene Nespresso® capsules today if you want to serve an excellent espresso.

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  1. 10 Salimbene Superbar Nespresso®* compatible capsules

    Salimbene Superbar Nespresso®* compatible capsules, 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta, 10pods 5g each = 50g
    Product Code: 1766
    Incl. 7% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    (Base Price €6.40 / 100 gr)
  2. 10 Salimbene Caffetteria Nespresso®* compatible capsules

    Salimbene Caffetteria Nespresso®* compatible capsules, 100% Arabica, 10 pods 5g each = 50g
    Product Code: 1810
    Incl. 7% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    (Base Price €6.80 / 100 gr)
  3. 10 Salimbene Deliziosa Nespresso®* compatible capsules

    50% Arabica / 50% Robusta, 10 pods 5,9g each = 59g
    Product Code: 1975
    Incl. 7% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    (Base Price €5.98 / 100 gr)
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3 Item(s)