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Jolly coffee Crema, Espresso

| 250g | Ground
Jolly coffee Crema, Espresso
Chocolaty, Floral & Mild

250g tin ground Coffee

Firenze Espresso Macinato

100% arabic beans

(35.60€ / 1 kg)
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Jolly Coffee Crema, Espresso 250g tin ground Coffee 100% Arabica selected A mixture of... more

Jolly Coffee Crema, Espresso

250g tin ground Coffee

100% Arabica selected

A mixture of 12 different types of Arabicas. Separately roasted. Made for the perfect "Espresso Italiano".

Chocolate, with signs of vanilla. Flowery, with a honey-like aroma. The finish is distinguished by its fine taste of dark chocolate. A flavor expolosion that reverberates long. Provides a mild, very aromatic espresso or coffee when using fully automatic coffee machines.

Jolly Crema has little acidity and is very digestible. Jolly Coffee is one of the best manufacturers of espresso and is used by some of the oldest and most famous Italian cafes.

EAN: 8000429000690
Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Floral
Type / Nature: Ground
Coffee maker / Machine : Moka Pot
Caffeine content: Low caffeine
Package Size: 250g
Region / Country: Central Italy
Degree of Roast: Light
Intensity : Mild
Certification: Espresso Italiano
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Jolly Caffè Spa, Via di Vacciano 9, 50012 Grassina – Bagno a Ripoli (FI), Italy