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Topseller Tasting set

| 1,5kg | Whole Bean
Probierset - Jolly, Carroux, Nannini - 1,5kg Kaffee

Tasting set consisting of three varieties á 500g:

Carroux Espresso

Nannini Classica

Jolly Crema - Espresso Italiano

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Tasting set Topseller - 3 x 500g whole bean Carroux Espresso, Nannini Classica, Jolley... more

Tasting set Topseller - 3 x 500g whole bean

Carroux Espresso, Nannini Classica, Jolley Espresso Italiano Crema

Carroux Coffee Classic Espresso

Espresso beans from Carroux, bag of 500 g

You won't believe it, this coffee does not come from Italy, but from Germany, in fact from Hamburg. For once, all experts agree: this coffee is without doubt one of the very best espresso coffees. Carroux himself writes: "With this espresso you have now found the perfect coffee. Such a quality serves the purpose of consuming less in order to enjoy more". The Classic Espresso is a classic 80/20 Arabica blend, composed of no less than 7 different green coffees. Its perfect harmony is completed by a velvety smooth and spicy character.

Evaluation: harmonious coffee, very nice creamy texture, medium caffeine content

Jolly Caffe Crema Espresso - Espresso Italiano

100% Arabica beans of selected varieties

A blend of no less than 12 different types of coffee.

Separately roasted, of course. Jolly Caffe Crema is chocolaty, with hints of vanilla. Its floral aroma is reminiscent of honey. In the finish Jolly Caffe Crema captivates with its fine taste of dark chocolate.

An aroma explosion that lingers for a long time. Produces a mild, very aromatic espresso or coffee when used in fully automatic coffee machines.

Jolly coffee is one of the best producers of espresso and is used by some of the oldest and most famous Italian cafes.

Coffee Nannini Espresso Tradizione / Classica

Nannini now calls his outstanding house brand "Classica" throughout Europe. Until now, this was the name for the Italian market. So Tradizione is now called Classcia, but nothing has changed in terms of blending and roasting. The Nannini family is also known outside Italy through the singer Gianna Nannini. Her brother Alessandro Nannini, in turn, produces an absolutely top-quality coffee with his gourmet roastery.

Only carefully selected Arabica coffees and top-quality Robustas are used. The beans are first roasted slowly and gently, type by type, at temperatures between 200 and 220 degrees Celsius before they are composed to form a balanced blend.

As a result, the Tradizione blend presents itself round and strong, with a spicy and full taste, with hints of cocoa and dark chocolate and on the palate of roasted nuts. The crema is impressive. Creamy, thick, with a long-lasting consistency and golden colour.

Blend 55% Arabica / 45% Robusta

Rating: mild coffee, perfect cream formation, low caffeine content

Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Coffee maker / Machine : Automatic machine
Package Size: 1,5kg Reviews with

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