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Brao Coffee

Brao Coffee

Our Brao Espresso products

28 years ago, Brao espresso was the result of a long-lasting coffee passion. Merlin Oddene was trader for raw coffee when his love for espresso inspired him to create his own coffee brand. In 1987, he created the Brao brand with its first blends Oro and Argento, composed by his own recipes. Brao Coffee is well represented through Italy's Northeast and in Trentino. Thanks to the outstanding quality, Brao Coffee is entitled to carry the quality seal "Espresso Italiano qualità".

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  1. Brao Orange Espresso Coffee 1000g

    Note: New packaging design - the name used to be Coffee Rosso

    Brao Coffee Orange Espresso

    1000g whole beans

    The Brao Orange is a strong espresso blend composed of 50% of the finest Arabica beans from South and Central America and 50% Robusta beans from Africa.

    An espresso Coffee, with an aromatic, full-bodied and flavorful taste. Lends the cup of coffee a nice cream, lasting finish with a strong flavor.

    This classic espresso blend is perfect for preparing breakfast coffee and ideal for cappuccino.

    All bean varieties are separately roasted and subsequently mixed. To get the absolute best out of every single bean.

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