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Alessi Pulcina Espresso Maker 6 cups - Induction

Alessi Pulcina Espresso Maker 6 cups - Induction

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Alessi Pulcina 6 Cups - Red The PULCINA coffee maker was born from the creative spirit of... more

Alessi Pulcina 6 Cups - Red

The PULCINA coffee maker was born from the creative spirit of architect Michele De Lucchi and is a coffee maker for true coffee lovers.

For 6 cups - with red details

What does the shape of this coffee maker remind you of? The design is inspired by a chick, from which it takes its name. Do you recognise the chick's beak in the spout of the coffee maker? It was designed and made that way to prevent dripping when pouring coffee.

But the method of making coffee in the mocha pot has also been studied and analysed in a completely new way. How can the process be perfected through the shape and design of the coffee pot? In cooperation with illy Caffe, investigations were carried out into the dynamics of heat flow. The results were taken up and implemented by Alessi's development department.

Illy Caffè was able to determine the ideal shape of the boiler - the lower part of the coffee pot where the water boils - to achieve a perfect espresso. Thanks to the special nature of the inside of the kettle, Alessi's Pulcina interrupts the brewing of coffee at exactly the right moment. This avoids the volcanic phase, that final moment of extraction that leaves a bitter, burnt aftertaste.

The result is noticeable, as the organoleptic properties of the coffee have been improved and brought to the fore. Only the best of coffee arrives in the cup. Its full-bodied, rounded aroma can be savoured to the full.

The PULCINA coffee maker is practical, functional and requires no special knowledge of how to use it. The coffee is prepared in the same way as with traditional coffee makers.

This coffee maker CAN be used on induction hobs.

Coffee maker: aluminium (magnetic steel bottom)
Handle and knob: thermoplastic resin
Gasket: silicone

Aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity. It also gives the espresso a characteristic taste, created by the deposit of a thin layer of coffee on the inside walls of the coffee pot. It is therefore not recommended to wash it with dishwashing detergent.

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